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Gary Mayes has broken barriers and raised the bar for the
standard presentation of Gospel music by delivering churchy tracks infused with urban jams and powerful worship ballads drenched in innovative contemporary pop stylings, all-inclusive of The Word of God. He has developed this unmatched gift for music and done so in a bold and innovative manner that transcends globally and is changing a hurting world.

His skill has garnered the respect of many of the industries finest who have sought to collaborate with Mayes – powerhouse vocalist Nikki Ross, renowned Keyboard and organist Bobby Sparks , Christian rapper BB Jay, Nakitta Clegg Fox of the Kurt Carr Singers, vocalist Kathy Taylor and musicians Maurice Fitzgerald and Joey Woolfalk.

With a large underground fan base, in 2002, Gary Mayes debuted with his THE N.E. X-perience, Vol 1 release and followed up with GO TELL IT: THE N.E. X-Perience Vol 2 in 2003. By project number three, Diary of a Strong Souljah, (2007), Mayes had grown his fan base to a large national audience and garnered much respect as an established artist and serious minister of his music. Through Diary of a Strong Souljah, Mayes provided a personal message of encouragement and reassurance through a dynamic double disk collection of songs bursting with live horns, extraordinary vocal arrangements, and his signature precise drum work and commanding drum interludes.

After the release of his album in 2007, there was a period of almost seven years that Gary Mayes did not release any music. During this time, he personally suffered great losses with his family, his personal possessions and job. In the Bible, James 1:12 tells us that “Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” The personal devastation tried to strip the songs from his heart, but with his love for God, and the hope from that love, Gary endured.

In 2014, Gary Mayes released his “THEY CALL ME JOSEPHJOBDAVID” EP. This particular project solely demonstrates how Gary’s life has it’s similarities to the biblical stories of Joseph, Job and David. The EP which delivered the radio hit “#TheBloodStillFoundMe” - boasting a sweet vocal medley of beloved hymns permeated with G. Mayes’ signature urban worship flair. Additionally, stand out groove “AtmosphereSetter” finds Gary Mayes showcasing his true strengths in rhythm and lyrics. “I’m a drummer and love taking chances with time signatures and beats,” he explains. “I believe in striving to be different and am appreciative of being able to be original.”

Now, Gary Mayes is back, stronger than ever with an all new project Black & White LIVE. His creative style of Praise and Worship will be turned up a notch on this forthcoming live-recorded album to be released spring 2018. Joining his dynamic team of singers and musicians are Nakitta Foxx, Zacardi Cortez, Y'Anna Crawley and Ladessa Brown. Gary’s message is that no matter what trials we face, we still have the victory. There is no grey area; our victory is as clear as black and white. 

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